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Thread: Hard drive is very noisey

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    Hard drive is very noisey

    I have read here some where that there is software that can be run on a hard drive that will quite it down. Does anyone have the link to this info. I've done several searches and have come up empty handed.

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    Maxtor has a utility that will do what you're looking for but it will only work on Maxtor drives. You can download it from the Maxtor website (I forget the name but the descriptions of the utilities in the download section should identify it for you). If your drive is too noisy it could also be a sign of impending failure. You might want to download the appropriate diagnostic utility from the drive manufacturer's website and run it on the drive to make sure it's not a drive problem.
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    Like captain said, each manufacturer has its own suite of software for their hard drives, some of which (I guess at least maxtor) have some accoustic management that you can play with to control noise.
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    I've downloaded the software from Maxtor, hopefully I will get a chance to put this on the hard drive this weekend and see if that helps. Thanks for the replies.

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