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Thread: Listing problem with recorded programs

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    Listing problem with recorded programs

    Running a Phillips600 with xtreme2.5 w/ Kraven update, w/2.52 update... After recording a program going into the "Now Playing" list, it shows the program title, date, etc. on the very right of the screen it shows the channel icon. Hardly any of the icons are saving and showing up there. Out of say 50 programs recorded theres only channel icons for maybe 2-3 of them, which were NBC, Travel, etc.
    I remeber before every program that recorded listed the channel icon next to the description, now hardly none. I think I really noticed it after the 2.52 update, but not sure if that had anything to do with...
    If there something missing??? Or something I do not have turned on???

    Any thoughts???

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    30 Missing channel icon

    Same problem here...
    Only my problem came after I reloaded the hard drive.
    I seem to remember that it took a while to get them after I first got my TiVo, but...
    A pretty minor gripe, really, but still, I'd like to fix it too.

    Mine's a T60, for whatever that's worth.

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