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Thread: Best Use for a Series 1 DTivo

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    Best Use for a Series 1 DTivo

    I have a series 1 DirectTV Tivo that I recorded about 80 hours of kids shows on before unsubscribing to the service. It is currently running 2.5 Xtreme but I very seldom use it.

    Since it is not able to record any new shows, I thought perhaps I could use it for something else. With no USB connections, my network bandwidth is limited. I don't want to try to add a network card. It would be easier and cheaper to buy a used series 2.

    The best thing I could think of is to use it as a video player and upload video via the serial port. But at 30-40MB/Hour I don't think that is very practical.


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    Get a network card for it or sell it on ebay.

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