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Thread: How many tuners on a Series 1 DTivo? THREE?

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    How many tuners on a Series 1 DTivo? THREE?

    EDIT: Only two tuners, of course. See text added at the bottom.

    I have always known that my Series 1 DTivo (R6000) has two tuners. Today, however, I somehow managed to have three simultaneous live tv streams. My DTivo is recording a season pass and a suggestion. That is two live TV streams. I was playing with VLC so I did

    vlc tivo://<MY TIVO IP>/plist

    it complained

    [00000264] main input error: no suitable access module for `tivo://<MY TIVO IP>/plist'

    and then proceded to show me live TV from my DTivo. Yet not on either channel that was being recorded. I checked the schedule to see if VLC was really showing me something that was live on TV at this moment, and yes, I was seeing live TV from three different channels at the same time, two being recorded on the Tivo and one via VLC. The bottom of the VLC window said "Live"

    Has anyone seen this before? I don't want to try again at least until my current season pass recording has finished, just in case I accidentally reboot my Tivo.

    EDIT: Hmm, after my season pass finished, I tried again and got the same video. It must be the "live TV" buffer from before it changed the channel to record a suggestion? It definitely was not anything recorded as a scheduled recording nor as a Tivo suggestion. It definitely was from a TV show (a movie) that was playing before and during my scheduled recording. Bizarre. I had assumed that VLC could only play things that I could see in "Now Playing" and that live TV buffers were not viewable when no longer active. This was definitely a live TV buffer, not a special video clip, because it had commercials and all.
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