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Thread: Tivonet extraction speed using tytool6 ?

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    Question Tivonet extraction speed using tytool6 ?


    I am extracting from a uk 2.5.5 tivo using tytool 6r1 and tivonet

    I have extraction set to multiplex mode

    I was wondering what extraction speed others are seeing - mine seems slow

    It took almost 29 mins (1696 seconds) to extract 30 minutes of video (1296mbytes) from the tivo

    Anything i can do (kill some processes on the tivo ?) to speed things up.
    I've already tried setting the tivo to a channel that doesn't exist so that it doesn't record live tv while i am extracting.

    The extraction is going to a p4 2.66ghz with 1gb of pc2700 memory so i don't believe it is the pc that is holding things up
    (also saw similar speeds on my 1ghz athlon)

    would a turbonet make much differnce


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    You should consider yourself lucky. It now takes me 3 hours to download a 30 minute show using tytool 6r1 and turbonet in TyStream mode. My PC is an AMD AThlon 1.8 ghz with XP service pack 1, a 3com 10/100 nic, and a Sony SA Tivo version 3.0.

    I have tried every trick on the planet with the exception of standing on my head and farting the star spangled banner trying to figure out why it is so slow.

    I have tried using a cross over straight thru connection, I have turned on and off 802.1 and flow control on the nic, used auto sense, set nic speed to 10 and 100 using full and half duplex, enabled/disabled QoS packet shceduling, disabled/enalbled netbios over TCPIP, enabled/disabled WINS and LMHost lookups, rebooted, released/renewed IP, used diferrent hubs including both 10/100 auto sense and 10 only to see if autosensing on the Turbonet device was a problem ( I have seen this before on suto sensing switches like HP).

    I have seen this question asked repeatedly here but I have yet to see any definitive answer. Unfortunately, I dont believe anyone has tracked down the problem yet.

    What operating system are you using. I am betting XP sp1. What is your NIC? Is your hub auto sense? Is 802.1 compliant? I am not sure if any of these have any bearing but we need to start somewhere.

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