I am extracting from a uk 2.5.5 tivo using tytool 6r1 and tivonet

I have extraction set to multiplex mode

I was wondering what extraction speed others are seeing - mine seems slow

It took almost 29 mins (1696 seconds) to extract 30 minutes of video (1296mbytes) from the tivo

Anything i can do (kill some processes on the tivo ?) to speed things up.
I've already tried setting the tivo to a channel that doesn't exist so that it doesn't record live tv while i am extracting.

The extraction is going to a p4 2.66ghz with 1gb of pc2700 memory so i don't believe it is the pc that is holding things up
(also saw similar speeds on my 1ghz athlon)

would a turbonet make much differnce