I have a SAT-T60 and Turbonet installed and working. FTP and Telnet, Tivoweb all working. I have the noscramble module installed and running.

I have tried various extraction methods and conversion methods without success. MFSStream pulls the shows. Converting the TV files has not worked yet. I am not certain whether it is the extraction or the conversion that is failing. Obviously the conversion fails. I have tried TivoApp on a W2K box and tried to convert a ty file I pulled using MFSStream, no luck. On my OS X box I am using a tool called TY Convert X (which is a GUI front end to TY tools I think). The following errors are reported every time:

Skipping chunk bad timebase
Timecode jumps!
Skipping bad time check.

There a lots of them repeated but this is the order they appear. TivoApp reported similar errors which leads me to believe the extraction may be at fault but there are no errors during th extraction as far as I can tell.

Any ideas folks? I purused DirectTivo hacking group and the extraction group last night and found various steps but nothing has worked completely, yet.

I have an OS X box, a Linux box and Win box available. I would prefer an OS X solution, Linux is ok too, Windows is really not the way I want to go if possible.