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Thread: error running tytool

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    error running tytool

    running tytool 6r1 (also tried 2) extracting from a uk 2.5.5 tivo

    get the following message:

    Name = 'c:\The Osbournes Hour-The Osbournes Hour'
    fsIDs = '959924/959926/959927'
    Tivo Address = ''
    cmd => 'TYSTREAM 959924/959926/959927'
    Detected Tivo Type: Standalone
    Detected Audio Stream Type: MPEG Layer II
    Final standardAudioSize = 880
    Final standardFrameLength = 864
    Final standardAudioDiff = 3240 or 00:00:00.036
    First Video PTS: 00:00:01.223
    MUX1 Found the B3-B8 header block and the 1st PES header block I1-frame
    MUX1 Video Embedded PES Header: (110132) 00:00:01.223
    MUX2 Now we have the almost full first packet (lead-in missing), and the header for the B2-Frame...
    MUX2 lead-in skip == 2
    MUX2 PTS = 110132 == 00:00:01.223
    MUX2 Video Embedded PES Header: (102931) 00:00:01.143
    MUX Found the 3rd PES header block (B3-frame)
    MUX3 there are 0 lead-in bytes for the P frame.
    MUX2 Video Embedded PES Header: (106531) 00:00:01.183
    MUX Found the 4th PES header block (P4-frame) - We DO NOTHING with the data!
    MUX2 Video Embedded PES Header: (120933) 00:00:01.343
    MUX Have the body for P4-frame and Header for B5-Frame.
    ERROR: Out of memory getting a new MuxNode buffer!

    Any suggestions????

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    As a workaround, extract the whole tystream and demux on your PC.

    This may take a little longer as the demuxing will be after the transfer but it means that you will have the .ty file to use with later versions of Tytool especially if you want to go to dvd.


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