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Thread: tytool - short m2v file

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    tytool - short m2v file

    I just got my ethernet card in my DTIVO working yesterday and got all of the bash tools and
    such loaded. I turned off the scramble with noscramble_mbm.o.

    Then I recorded 3 shows and used tytool to download them in the m2v format. tytool indicated that the files on TiVo were 500MB, 630MB, and 1200MB. With each download it appeared to be downloading the full amount. However, what I got were 3 empty m2a files and 3 m2v files sized 400MB, 360MB and 600MB (the order is the same as the ones listed above).

    So, I got about 15 minutes of 1 show, 12 of the next and 39 of the last.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what I did wrong?

    Also, I used MediaPlayer and WinDVD to view the files. WinDVD seemed to do the best job and gave greater control, but I still see a little trash at the top of the image. Is there a way to clean that trash up, no big deal, but it is a little annoying.

    Thanks for all the great code and research,


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    Additional Info on the problem

    One of the shows that I mentioned in the above post was a Simpsons episode. TiVo showed the file of 520+MB and when I downloaded the m2v file I got only 400. This gave me about 13 minutes of the show.

    I downloaded the .ty file and got a 528MB file. I then used tytool to process the file. It created a 18.2MB m2v file that had about 13
    seconds of video. What am I doing wrong?

    I have the Hughes DirecTiVo series 1 with 3.1 software.
    I use the digital audio recording if that makes any difference.

    Here are the file names and sizes that I have so far:
    Malcolm in the Middle-Long Drive.m2v 314,861,572 14 Minutes
    The Dead Zone-Cabin Pressure.m2v 665,714,692 39 Minutes
    The Simpsons-A Star Is Born Again.m2v 413,095,940 13 Minutes
    The Simpsons-A Star Is Born Again.ty 540,934,144 ??????????
    The Simpsons-A Star Is Born Again.ty.m2a 0
    The Simpsons-A Star Is Born Again.ty.m2v 19,130,372 13 Second

    Here is the output from the processing of the ty file:

    Processing already downloaded file: 'C:\tivo\The Simpsons-A Star Is Born Again.ty'
    Processing file: 'C:\tivo\The Simpsons-A Star Is Born Again.ty'
    Warning: Could not open the cut list file: 'C:\tivo\The Simpsons-A Star Is Born Again.ty.cut'
    Detected Tivo Type: DTivo
    Detected Audio Stream Type: MPEG Layer II
    Final standardAudioSize = 492
    Final standardFrameLength = 480
    Final standardAudioDiff = 2160 or 00:00:00.024
    First Video PTS: 00:00:38.279
    MUX1 Found the B3-B8 header block and the 1st PES header block I1-frame
    MUX1 Video Embedded PES Header: (3445114) 00:00:38.279
    MUX2 Now we have the almost full first packet (lead-in missing), and the header for the B2-Frame...
    MUX2 lead-in skip == 2
    MUX2 PTS = 3445114 == 00:00:38.279
    MUX2 Video Embedded PES Header: (3439107) 00:00:38.212
    MUX Found the 3rd PES header block (B3-frame)
    MUX3 there are 2 lead-in bytes for the P frame.
    MUX2 Video Embedded PES Header: (3442110) 00:00:38.245
    MUX Found the 4th PES header block (P4-frame) - We DO NOTHING with the data!
    MUX2 Video Embedded PES Header: (3454122) 00:00:38.379
    MUX Have the body for P4-frame and Header for B5-Frame.
    MUX5 Video Embedded PES Header: (3448116) 00:00:38.312
    MUX-add: Audio PTS: (3445449) 00:00:38.282
    ......... 100....
    Found an OOB packet... The Video Diff is: 00:01:33.851
    33333 -> + old Vid ByteCount = 6D 7E B4 to 6F 5F 50
    33333 -> + new Vid ByteCount = 6F 5F 50 to 5F E3 80
    33333 -> + WE ARE ALIGNED on the Video so it is good!!!
    Error. We did not find an embedded audio header!
    Error. We did not find an embedded audio header!
    Error. We did not find an embedded audio header!
    Error. We did not find an embedded audio header!
    Error. We did not find an embedded audio header!
    Error. We did not find an embedded audio header!
    Error. We did not find an embedded audio header!
    Error. We did not find an embedded audio header!
    Error. We did not find an embedded audio header!
    ..... 200......... 300......... 400......... 500
    ......... 600......... 700......... 800......... 900......... 1000
    ......... 1100......... 1200......... 1300......... 1400......... 1500
    ......... 1600......... 1700......... 1800......... 1900......... 2000
    ......... 2100......... 2200......... 2300......... 2400......... 2500
    ......... 2600......... 2700......... 2800......... 2900......... 3000
    ......... 3100......... 3200......... 3300......... 3400......... 3500
    ......... 3600......... 3700......... 3800......... 3900......... 4000
    ......... 4100..

    A/V Sync Offset: -3ms (i.e. plays 3ms late!)

    MUX: Padded the output by 207 bytes...
    DiffTime = 36.943002 (36943) == 0.615717 Minutes
    total = 540934144

    Done with 'C:\tivo\The Simpsons-A Star Is Born Again.ty'...

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    I think your problem was either due to using the wireless card in
    your laptop or the fact that the TiVo was storing two new shows while you were extracting video.

    When you re-ran the extractions with a wired connection
    and made sure that TiVo was not storing anything it all seemed
    to work great.

    The TiVo was doing the normal buffering on each tuner as you did not put it on non-existent channels, but it was not recording for permanent save.

    Which of these solved your video extraction problem I do not know.

    Now on to the more important problem, you must either smell bad or you have offended the rest of the members of this forum in
    some other way since you are the only person that replies to your posts.

    I suggest you throw yourself on the mercy of the forum population and beg for their forgiveness for whatever transgressions you may have had.

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    Thanks Cullen,

    You were absolutely right about the video extraction. It is working
    great. I can now watch Stargate on my laptop while flying every week. Probably should not watch last weeks Dead Zone episode
    about a plane exploding while in the air though.

    As far as the other issue goes, I have no idea what I might have done to earn the wrath or disdain from other forum members.
    Before I posted, I noticed that most of the posts here seemed to
    have pretty heavy activity, so I figured I would get at least a
    cursory reply of "read the FAQ" or some flame or something.

    However I got nothing. Oh well, I don't think it is a smell thing since I do not have a scratch and sniff device on my laptop.
    I did not post a picture, so they can't see how ugly I am.
    I guess they were all busy with issues of their own, which I certainly understand.

    At any rate, on the off chance that someone does read this thread I would like to say two things:

    1) I am truly sorry if I violated some forum protocol, please forgive me.

    2) Thanks for all the great work you guys have been doing. I really mean that. I write software and customize software for a living and I know the issues involved with dealing with stuff of this sort. It must truly be a labor or love for jdiner and the other contributors here.

    TiVo is the greatest thing since sliced bread and the software
    and knowledge that you guys provide here make it even better than that. I am on the road 5 days a week for months at a time.
    Now, I can come home on the weekend, copy my favorite shows from the week to my laptop and watch them while travelling. This
    leaves my weekends open so that I can mow the grass rather than try to catch up on the shows from the previous week.

    Anyway, thanks again for the great code.
    If I can think of some way that I can contribute anything I will
    be more than happy to. The problem is finding the thing that needs doing.


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