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Thread: XplusZ help please, noscramble trouble

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    XplusZ help please, noscramble trouble

    Hello all, I had to reboot my T60 and now ALL of my recordings say Error, video signal not available, etc.etc. I'm hoping it has something to do with noscramble in xplusz. Everything was working fine before the reboot. I've tried turning it on, it says it's already on. Tried turning it off, same error message. Tried activating current noscramble, says already activated. My last choice seems to be designating a module with #53. .o does nothing, _mbm.o requires a reboot. That's what I'm doing now. Seems I had a hard time getting the correct combination when I first set it up. Any Ideas? Thanks.

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    Try using
    to turn noscramble off
    to turn noscramble on.

    If noscramble was on when the recording was made then it must be on to view the recording on playback and vice-versa.

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    That worked! Thank you very much for this great program and the added help for guys like me.

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