I have read many posts on this forum before trying this and with just about every method posted I ran into a problem. Rather than writing a novel about those issues, here is where I currently am and what I am trying to accomplish:

I now have a single mpg file that has the audio and video in sync. The video is 554x480 and the audio is 32 KHz 192 Bit (This was extracted from a stand alone tivo).

I used TyTool6 to extract the separate audio and video streams then used mplex to create the single mpeg file.

Now I tried to load the mpg into TMPGEnc so I could crop the video and cut out the begging and end garbage before the main video I am trying to encode. The problem is that when I use the project wizard it complains that the file is not supported.

I had an older version of TMPGEnc Plus that did accept the file, but when I created a sample re-encode using the DVD-NTSC template, it would play the first frame for about 20 - 30 seconds (without sound) then would play normal. Now with the latest version, it won't accept the file at all.

So what I am looking for is a way to take this single mpg file I now how, crop the video and create a new encoded stream at 720x480 editing out the start and end video and am stuck.

Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated!