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Thread: Im gonna teach this box the true meaning of the word Bash pretty soon!!!!

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    Im gonna teach this box the true meaning of the word Bash pretty soon!!!!

    Ok...let me start by saying thanks to all the great faqs and whatnot out there and to all the people who have stumbled before me your posts have helped me and othere more than you could imagine.

    I have come to accept te fact that bash prompts via teraterm or the likes are just beyond my reach. My question is if there is a way that I can add the "touch etc/SubTest" line manually within one of the utilties on either the 25xtreme iso boot disk or the dylansversion boot disk? If so would some kind guru please point me in the right direction about how. I have read untill my eyes bled and just cant seem to get the hang. Had no prob installing 2.5xtreme..just cant seem to get a bash prompt on my dsr6k, and I have tried just about every little workaround that I could find. Thanks in adavnce for all your help.

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    Did you change the baud rate for your com port to 115200? 2.5Xtreme changes it from the default rate of 9600 so unless you reset it in TeraTerm you'll never see a bash prompt.

    You can remove your DTivo drive and install it in your PC. Boot from either the 2.5Xtreme or TurboNet installation CDs and then mount your drives. I think the directions for mounting the drives are either in the Newbies guide or Hinsales How To. Both are found using the links provided on page 3 of the How Tos Only sticky thread in the DirecTV Tivo Hacking forum. After you've got the partitions mounted then type in the touch command exactly as written. Do a Ctrl+Alt+Del & shut down the PC when the POST screen is displayed and then reinstall the drive in the DTivo.
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