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Thread: OT: Gratitude; TyStudio Beta comments

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    OT: Gratitude; TyStudio Beta readiness

    (sorry for the long post, skip it you are easly aggravated) :-P

    I have pretty much done, or at least tried, it all, over the last year or so. I have 2 SAT-T60s, with HD upgrades, TurboNet, Telnet, FTP, MFS-FTP (Keep pushing the edge Riley, if you can think it, I want it) TivoWeb, Caller-ID on Tivo (Wife absolutely loves me for this) Extracts, Inserts, Vsplit, TyTools, Tydemux, burned a few Seinfeld DVDís, VPN access to Tivos, yea I tried remote extraction via VPN over DSL (SSSSLLLLOOOOOOWWW). Anyway, maybe I should have just said ďyada yada yadaĒ. For the longest time I just watched, I never was brave enough to open the Tivo, then Hinsdale. and well it was all downhill from there. I was hooked.

    The point (yes there is one) I was not a Linux Noobie, but a Linux NeverB, and I have accomplished all of this without asking a single question. (the one issue that had me stumped for the longest was, where the hell is "ps")

    I don't mean to toot my own horn, I just consider what I have done a result of the knowledgeable and helpful people here and the quality of this forum, AVS and, and the other personal sites. Not only did I READ AND READ, and SEARCH, I RE-Read and Re-read. The information IS there, albeit scattered at times. This is definately NOT a complaint. You know "Beggars canít be choosy" "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth", and all that. More importantly, it does protect the stupid from themselves.

    I am in awe of the work done by the truly talented and dedicated people here, we all know who they are, and if you donít, READ READ READ before chiming in. I wish I had your talent, so I could contribute, but since I donít, my contribution is to stay out of the way, with the present exception.

    I have nothing but praise to those patient enough to answer the same questions over and over, and to those that occasionally express their frustration, I feel your pain. Everytime I see a stupid or repetitive question, I groan, waiting for the flames, which usually don't come. Becasue everyone realizes the static, including my own here, overshadows and distracts the great work being done. I quess we just have to live with it.

    Yaíll (yes Iím a Southerner) have ďgivenĒ us a great new hobby, which we are passionate about and thankful for, and ya'll have asked for very little in return. (Of course the infidel non-believers think Iím part of a cult and wish I would just shut up about my Tivo, ďItís just TVĒ they say.)

    I continue to wait patiently, cheering from the sidelines, along with many others, I'm sure, for the Holy Grail of ďsimpleĒ DVDís Click, Extract, Edit, Click, Select Output, Click, Make Menus, Burn, annd Play in a player of our choosing. My personal wish is a TivoWeb based Tivo to Tivo transfer. Donít know if thatís on Rileyís scope, but if not, I am appreciative of his current work and have absolutely no right to complain, whine, or even ask for it. Of course, (Sheepishly) if i could remotely do a Divx conversion and then stream, well..... anyway

    The future looks very bright and more importantly very close. I have been over at the ďotherĒ web site and taken TyStudio around for a brief spin and can only say "Saaweeeet" with a big ass grin. (John: sorry for the impatience, I know you asked us to stay away) and Yea, I peeked at a few Xmas presents as a kid.

    For those wondering if TyStudio is ready for Noobies, I got it working, with no troubles. Yea, it still alpha, there are issues, but the Tyserver/TyIndexer install on my SAT-T60 was a breeze and the Tystudio (Win32) install was a breeze on my WinXP Pro machine, and that is often the source the majority of the truly "irritating" Noobie questions. The other questions and issues are likley to be legitimate, Beta type questions/issues.

    Ya'll probably already know that people, me for instance, don't want to have click "refresh" to get the "NowShowing" stuff after clicking "Open NowShowing, either that, or you have a good reason for it. (OK, OK, I know there are still more important "Issues" for the TyStudio Team, that was more of a credibility statement.)

    To Olaf, John (If my impression that theyíre the main coders is wrong, I humbly apologize) and others, we are ready, willing and excited.

    Well, I have taken so much and given nothing, so I just wanted to say, in a long drawn out fashion (take a guess as to my profession) Thank you! and Great work! Keep it up for as long as it is fun for YOU. When it is no longer fun, Stop. When it takes you from your family and friends, Stop. We will not complain, but we will miss you.

    So, Iíll shut up now and go back to my proper place, cheering ya'll on from the shadows as a one happy Tivo Camper.


    P.S. if you took the time to read this whole message, thank you, Iím not sure I would have.
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    Thumbs up sniff sniff

    I couldn't agree more

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    Geez, I haven't seen that much ass kissing since PGM was quitting the other hobby.
    SpongeBob is not a contraceptive - Bart S.
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    Gee, long rant, and you missed the best part of tystudio...

    AlphaWolf's tivo-side, single file, self extracting, self installing archive (kitchen sink not included).

    It's one of those "Duh! Why didn't I think of that?" things, once you look at it, you think, oh, ok, sure, nothing new here, just using the old stuff in a tricky way.

    But afterwards, you'll wish every hack came in a AlphaWolf brand installer package.

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