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Thread: tverr.log: Free Space too Fragmented - huh???

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    Question tverr.log: Free Space too Fragmented - huh???

    ok, so I decided to read over the logs just to see what was up, and I get this message, a lot, in the tverr.log

    FsRegion[125]: Free space too badly fragmented

    I've read that tivo doesn't need to be defragged ....

    So what does this mean? Do I need to defrag? and if so, how?

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    well, compile this for the Tivo

    Compile this utility for the Tivo and see if it works....


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    Hi there, I'm seeing those same messages, did you actually try this solution?

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    no, because I'm too stupid to know how to compile a program on the tivo, and also this proggy has lots of warnings against doing it on the "active" partition.

    However, I did something else that seemed to work just fine. I went in and ran fsfix. It takes a bit of time (not hours, but minutes) and I haven't had the problem since ... go figure.

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    What TiVo do you have? Drive configuration? Hacks?

    I've recently encountered the "free space too badly fragmented" error message.


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    Yep, me too "Free space too badly fragmented"

    Tried running fsfix, it ran and completed and I still had bash access, but no remote or tivo functionality and screen was frozen. Had to restart the unit, then, next day multiple "free space too badly fragmented" appeared in log again.

    Read somewhere to issue "switcherstart -k" at bash which will halt the tivo, then run "fsfix" or "mfscheck".

    Haven't a clue about "switcherstart -k"; what's that do? And, if I'm offbase, what is the proper way to run fsfix so the box doesn't sieze up afterwards?

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    When you run fsfix it halts all of the tivo processes anyway. Thats why it appears to be locked up when you run it because tivoapp and all of the tivo processes are stopped.

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    Do you recommend doing the fsfix if i get the "Free space too badly fragmented" error occasionally. I don't want to crash my system too badly.

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