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    ty enabled mplayer [beta test]

    Allows streaming of recorded programs off a TiVo or local TiVo streams
    to play onto a PC. No intermediate storage is required. No re-muxing
    is required My goal is to use my TiVos as SD recording devices that sit
    in my closet and PCs around my house as playback devices.

    NOTE - If you want to make DVD-Video, please use tydemux, this is not
    the project your are looking for.

    -Local playback with complete skip control
    -Remote playback (on TiVo) with complete skip control

    ==Tested the following streams as working==
    -Minor testing with SA Version 1.3
    -Significant testing with SA Version 2.5
    -Minor testing of DTiVo MPEG Audio
    -Minor testing of DTiVO AC-3 Audio


    -Some Tivo streams on your hard drive -OR-
    -Tivo with some sort of fast TCP connection (ie TivoNet, TurboNet, AirNet)

    -If tystream part header is not present, mplayer will not know where
    to stop decoding in the stream. Streams allocated in the MFS Database
    usually allocate more disk bytes than necessary. The only place the correct
    size is known is in the part header. Possible issues :
    | -The mplayer MPEG library may crash because of the P/B Frames may be
    referencing something that is not there.
    | -MPlayer may go on fat, dumb, and happy playing another stream (if you
    are lucky enough to end on an I Frame.
    -Seeking may cause lip sync to be off for a few seconds as mplayer
    "catches" up.
    -I am not sure how many concurrent streams you can pull from a single
    TiVo. I have done 2 at the same time, however, I am not sure of
    the impact on recording. I am interested in more information here.

    -Fixing 2% of the actual streams, that are broken, is not my goal with these modifications. If you have a
    really bad stream, you should pass it through Olaf and team's tystudio.
    However, if there is enough demand, I will produce a tool to correct really
    bad ty streams.
    -The final intent of these modifications is to go into the mainstream mplayer
    -This *should* work with different types of streams (other than TiVo
    streams), just like stock mplayer.
    -This should work on Windows as well with a cygwin install. As mplayer
    supports a video out driver for DirectX. I have not compiled it for
    Windows yet, but I would appreciate any feedback.

    -vserver-1.0.tar.gz is required only if you want to stream directly from
    the TiVo's harddrive.
    If you want to build this, you will need to install the TiVo cross compiler.
    If not, you can just use the vserver binary included in the package.
    Simply :
    -Uncompress the archive
    # tar xvfz vserver-1.0.tar.gz
    -copy vserver to your TiVo
    -Execute it
    # ./vserver
    You may want to start it from your TiVo startup script.

    -MPlayer-0.90rc4-tivo-0.1.tar.gz is required for both streaming from
    a TiVo and for playing locally stored TiVo streams. No binaries are
    included as mplayer prefers to be built for the target machine.
    -Unpack the archive
    # tar xvfz MPlayer-0.90rc4-tivo-0.1.tar.gz
    -Configure the distribution
    # ./configure
    -Make it
    # make
    -Install it
    # make install
    -Run it
    # mplayer

    -Play a locally stored stream
    # mplayer stream.ty
    -Retrieve the now showing list from a TiVo, tivohost is the host name of
    your tivo, alternately you can use the TiVo's IP Address
    # mplayer tivo://tivohost/list
    -Play a remote stream, 12345 is the FSID provided in the now showing list
    # mplayer tivo://tivohost/12345

    -Tridge (of course), all of the streaming code is based on his (mostly
    overlooked) work. 80% of MPlayer*/vstream is his code.
    -Olaf Beck for his help regarding informational support of tystream and
    MPEG information. He also provided me with DTiVo streams, as I
    have no direct access to a DTiVo.
    -Arpad Gereoffy for mplayer, a very flexible (but complicated) framework.
    An awesome multi-faceted player too!

    ==Version Notes==
    Version 0.1
    -This version is intended to get mplayer out. In the next week I will
    be cleaning up the code base and optimizing it for submission to the
    mplayer author.
    -I will be accepting bug reports at this time, however, please verify
    with tydemux that your stream is not majorly faulty.

    -Code Cleanup
    -Closed Caption Support
    -Ty Stream Repair

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