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Thread: Whats the BEEF?

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    Whats the BEEF?

    So being the newbie, I'm comfortable got the recorder going on 25X with the help of a script and just apllied the no upgrade patch. I'm happy.

    But like every newbie I want more, my goal is to get the OSX box talking to the wireless Airnet and try some extracting.

    So I'm checking out the web and find TivoWeb. Looks great I want to try it, only to find this in the read me.

    "It will NOT work on
    25Xtreme and will not in the future either."

    So where do I go, I want 2.5.2 and Tivo web. How do I go about getting a 252 virgin iso? that will accept xplus, and no upgrade scripts?


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    tivoweb versions above 1.9.3 or so have anti-xtreme code on them. there hare a couple threads on this board on the subject. i believe there were some 'deloused' versions posted, as well as some info on how to remove the unwanted code.

    basically, the anti-xtreme code disables tivoweb if you have certain scripts in certain places and such.

    i would suggest using the 252 upgrade utils posted on this BBS to go to 2.5.2, since 2.5.2 is much better than 2.5 in regards to stability.

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