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Thread: Never seen Hardware problem message in DSR6000

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    Never seen Hardware problem message in DSR6000


    My first DSR6000 unit has this "Hardware Problem" message and I could not find any related thread in this forum at all.

    I just got this unit from Ebay and I tried to test if it works without subscribe to Directivo yet. I have an account with Directv.
    Here is the steps that I did:

    1. Power it up.
    2. All set up went through and jumped to Tivo Central.
    Make a daily call and it upgrades my unit from 2.5.2 to 3.1
    3. I Select "Now Playing List" and it says:

    Problem found:
    A hardware problem has been detected which needs your
    attention. Until this problem is fixed, you will not be able to
    record programs or watch recordings. Please restart your
    recorder. If you see this message again even after the
    Recorder restarts, please contact Philips at 1-800 number.

    4. I tried to reset it by unplugging the power cord couple times
    and still see this problem message.

    I don't know what to do now. Should I subscribe to Directv at all?
    Is this a real problem with the HD or mother board.

    Please help, I need to response to the Seller soon if I need to return it.



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    I believe that is the message you get when an image is restored to your DTivo that has a different serial number. Try a "Clear and Delete Everything" from the restart menu and it should fix the problem.

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    No remote, need to buy one

    Hi fix278,

    Thanks for your quick reply, I went out at lunch and just come back at 3PM and checked your message and rushed out to buy the remote but did not find it.

    The unit does not have a remote. I could not find it at Circuit City or Goodguy at all. Looks like I need to buy one from Ebay again.

    Before I did the daily call. The version is 2.5.2 and the status is
    5: lifetime service but it says the unit has not called out for more
    than 30 days. Is it true this unit had legitimate lifetime subscription?

    I wonder if the HD has the lifetime or the IRD has it!
    How does Directv know if it has, is it by checking the serial number
    on the unit?


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