The edit to the first post indicates that the binaries will not work with 3.1. I wandered through the steps to this process as best as I could piece them together with a 2-drive 3.1 setup (booted into MFSTools with "vmlnodma hda=bswap hdb=bswap") and got as far as the mfs_streams command, which replied "Cannot find fsid=1". I'm not sure if that error is related to 3.1 or a flaw elsewhere in the process, but I very much need to access some recordings on a drive pair that will not boot up for whatever reason (boot cycles at "Updating Database"). Is there another method I should use for a 3.1 setup? I have a T60. I do not have a linux machine, but I am familiar with Knoppix.

I would very much appreciate some assistance with this. I am willing to try most anything. Thank you.

Oh, I did have mfs_ftp running, but for the life of me, I cannot find that cache directory.