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    How many different markets are you working with? I have been playing with a clean install of 2.5Xtreme followed by 2.5.2Xtreme I can use midupdate.tcl to set the market id for one of my local markets and yes the guide data will fill in and I can view the channels. Then I use midupdate.tcl to reset the market id to the second market I wish and reboot the receiver and those channels appear and the guide data will fill in. I can repeat that process for all 4 local markets I am able to receive. The problem come when I try to run mvchannel.tcl at that point I will only get one or 2 sets of the locals with guide date If I have the market id set for any of the 3 other markets except CH then I will receive CH and that market. If I have the market id set for CH I will only receive CH.So it seems that we need to be able to set multiple market id's at the same tome or figure out some workaround that will remove that requirement.
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