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Thread: dtivo locals - The one, the ONLY

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    dtivo locals - The one, the ONLY

    As per the suggestions, I made this thread sticky. If you are having locals problems, discuss them here.

    Edit by alldeadhomiez, 7/16/2004:

    Since a lot of people are still running mvchannels and trashing their channel lineups, I am warning you not to experiment with mvchannels. It no longer works with any current software release. If you have run it and now have the "channel not available" problem on channels that should obviously exist (like channel 100), clear and delete your program data to fix it. Note that this will also erase your season passes and todo list.

    Obviously this means that multiple locals markets and locals in the 800s/900s are no longer available.

    midupdate/midupdate2 is still safe to use.
    Last edited by alldeadhomiez; 07-16-2004 at 08:54 AM.

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