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Thread: I have ? very new guy

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    I have ? very new guy

    I have a ? about sony t60. I just bought it and I would like to hack the tivo but have no clue how. I read some of the stuff and I am lost I have a hu card if that helps. what is the first program I need and some info that I could understand would be great.

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    I hate to say this but you will need to read and read some more. I read everything on this forum until my eyes went blurry and then read it again and again for two weeks before I crack the case on my T60. Then I read some more.

    Start with the FAQ's and the follow the threads with stars. Look at Extreme and decide what it is that you want to accomplish.


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    Start here...

    It's a sticky at the top of the DirecTivo Hacking forum called "The DTivo Hacking FAQ". There are other stickies at the top that go into more detail when you get done reading this one.

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