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Thread: anyway to run xplusz 3.10 from the hard drive?

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    Apr 2003

    anyway to run xplusz 3.10 from the hard drive?

    is xplusz bundled in the kraven 2.5 update?

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    Apr 2003
    finally I managed to manually set the lifetime up using the touch command, and gotten 2.5 to run... the files for 2.5.2 are on the drive, but for some reason every time i load up it goes through the Tivo update, but the unit still remains at 2.5.2..

    im hoping to get my cable by wednesday and fix that or at least be able to easier diagnose the issue and post the results.

    so I have the 2.5.2 updating running sucessful but the unit still boots to 2.5, the unit is set @ lifetime, and I'd like the xplusz tools install, but cant seem to do it.

    installing the tools off a floppy disk causes errors.

    Ive gotten..

    2.5 to run with lifetime (current)
    2.5.2 to run without lifetime and without tools from 2.5.2 image.

    and thats about it.

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