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Thread: Which TiVo do you have?

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    Which TiVo do you have?

    OK well my Ultimate TV just died and I wonít be able to live with out my PVR functions. Since I had a choice 8 months ago between UTV & TiVo and I tossed a coin and as you can see I chose wrong. This time I think TiVo is the way to go but which one? Can you guy tell me what model you have and would it work best for me in my situation. Iím located in Canada so if I need the unit to call in for any info (like HD upgrades) it wonít work for me. I also need to make sure it can be hacked completely because Iím not paying for subscription with TiVo or Dave. I also love my surround sound so something with Dolby Digital would be good. If you donít mind giving me model numbers and any info would be greatly appreciated, you guy always come threw. Where you picked up the unit would be good to.

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    OK, this is the third forum you've posted this in. How many more am I going to find?
    Please don't PM me or any other members looking for personal assistance. You'll do better by posting (after you've exhausted the search feature, of course) and taking advantage of the collective expertise of the membership instead of a single individual that may or may not be able to help you. Thank you and enjoy your stay at DDB!

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    Sat t-60 my fav

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