I am trying to bash my sencond gen tivo. I am using a new harddrive so i dont mess up my original on. I coppied the original harddrive and set it aside for safe keeping. then i hooked up my new harddrive and put the tivo image onto it. took it out and put it in my tivo. everything worked fine. It started up and i was able to get channels and all the receiver info. then i took the harddrive and put it back into the computer and followed the instructions to bash it. everything seemed to go well, the i put it back into myu tivo and turned it on. the "welcome. Powering up...." screen comes on for a few seconds then the screen flashes black and the "welcome. powering up...." screen comes back on. It seems to be a endless loop. Is this becasue I typed some of the code in wrong or something else? If i did type it in wrong can I start everything over or do I need to get another harddrive?