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Thread: Audio / video delay througth Tivo

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    27 Audio / video delay througth Tivo

    Just wondering why:

    My husband can be watching the same program down stair on reg. TV and me on Tivo and the tivo program has about a 5 sec delay.

    One of these days I'm going to trick him when watching Jeopardy and have all the answers.


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    The Tivo requires a few seconds to buffer the shows to disk.

    If it displayed them right away without buffering, when you hit pause, or rewind, it would take a few seconds each time.

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    A DirecTivo actually records the show to the hard drive and then plays it back through the outputs to your TV, resulting in a slight delay from the original satellite feed. If you have both tuners enabled, the hard drive is actually recording two different signals 24/7 since it always keeps the last 30 minutes of any channel it is tuned to, as long as the tuner has remained on that channel for 30 minutes or more. The standby button stops the constant buffering and allows the hard drives to rest. Any scheduled recordings will still take place while in standby but if the 2nd tuner is not scheduled for recording, only the active tuner will be recorded to the drive.
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