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Thread: turbonet and phone line?

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    Question turbonet and phone line?

    after sucessfully installing turbonet and getting daily call done through the internet, I am unable to get PPV since DirectTV says my unit has ot called in to download the access card.

    Do I have to have BOTH turbonet and a landline plugged in?



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    Yep-- a DirecTiVo makes two calls, one to TiVo and one to DirecTV. Only the TiVo call can be made through the turbonet card. As an alternative, you might try ordering PPVs online; I've heard that this works.

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    So if you have turbonet and it's setup to make the Tivo daily call via the internet, you can leave the phone line plugged into the Dtivo and DirecTV will be able to get their info for PPV and sports packages??

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