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Thread: PInout for serial connection?

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    35 PInout for serial connection?

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a pinout for the cable that connects a standalone series 2 Tivo unit to an older RCA Directv receiver via the home control port. As my IRD does not have a serial port, I don't the cables that come with the Tivo. I have tried to make one of these cables before, but it didn't work. My idea was to just chop the end off of the cable that comes with the Tivo and attach an RJ11 connector to it, but I need the pinout. Any ideas would be appreciated.



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    Firstly, the connector on an RCA receiver (at least on mine) is not an RJ-11. It's smaller, and actually is the same connector that's on a telephone handset cord.

    The pinouts for the connector are here:

    You need to hook it up to the corresponding pins on the TiVo's serial connector. Txd will go to rxd and rxd will go to txd. Ground goes to ground. NOthing else is needed.

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