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Thread: Can transfer files via telnet

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    Can transfer files via telnet

    I'm a fairly sharp small network guy - somewhat new to linux - but I have been able to do the following to my series 1 tivo:

    1) Add a second, 60GB drive

    2) Install tivonet and get it going for updates

    3) Set up Telnet and telnet to a linux prompt

    4) Create the /var/hack directory

    I'm stuck at getting files over to the tivo via telnet (i.e. the ftp server!!!) I have tried three different terminal clients and the zmodem transfer fails every time.

    Two questions:

    1) How do I get the tivoftpd over to the tivo?

    2) What do I do to start it once it is there?


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    Mine were on an ISO that i booted from, and installed. I believe all the stuff was installed (tivoftpd) when I put in the turbonet drivers.

    otherwise you can use the HTTP_GET to get the files from another PC to your directory that you want and then chmod +x the tivoftpd and walla

    be sure you change your mount to read write mode.

    and then back to read only when you done

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    Thanks for your help!

    HTTP_GET enabled me to get the tivoftpd over to the Tivo - from there everything was easy!

    I now have Tyserver up and running and I'm download program from my Tivo!

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