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Thread: best burning settings

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    best burning settings

    Over the past couple of months I’ve recorded and extracted all the formula 1 races using a mix of tytool and tystudio

    At about 5gb each (and now having 7 races on my pc with an 8th coming tonight…) I'm running out of drive space and it’s time to burn……

    Because I’ve used a variety of extraction tools and played around with them the files don’t all match in format:

    1. all except 1 are 5800 bit rate – one is 5000 bit rate
    2. All are 25fps and reported as 16:9 480x576
    3. All have the audio at 192kbps
    4. Sample rate varies between 32000 and 48000
    5. all are mpgs

    File sizes range from 3.99gb to 5.4gb

    I don't really want to put each race on a separate disk and was thinking maybe 2 per disk

    Does anyone have any advice on the way to go? (best settings, conversion tools etc....) I'd like to be able to play the dvd's back in pretty much any dvd player (well, any that will read my dvd+r's anyway..)


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    If you go to the website in my signature, you will get some info on how to create your DVD. Bear in mind, it was written on an older version of TyTool and for NTSC. From what you say about your video, it sounds like it is PAL. Now that I think about it, how the hell are you getting PAL-type video on a DirecTiVo unit? LOL Anyway, if you follow the patching procedure, you should be able to burn your disc fine. Unfortunately though, if you are over about 4.37GB (5GB *EACH*?? Are you serious?), you will not fit it on a disc. You'll need to either re-encode your video to save space or split the video up to span it over more than one. Can't be helped. Such is the technology right now.
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    Files are coming off a uk 2.5.5 tivo -i.e. pal - that i am running in Australia

    and yes - 5gb each............. (about 1.5 - 2 hrs each file)

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