new to the group, and have a couple issues i was hoping could be
answered here.

background: is i am using a mac to download the tivo files, but will be
using a PC to add the files to ipod and burn on to disc.

my 2 issues are these:
1-i want to upload the shows onto my ipod and right now this is the
only process that works:
save files as VOB, transfer them to my PC via network then convert to
mpeg4 then add to ipod. when i save the tivo files as an mpeg4 they do
not get uploaded on to itunes. Is there a better way to do this?
2nd question-i want to archive my tivo files on to a dvd, and i cant
figure out a way to do so. what file do i need to save them to and
what software do i need to use to burn them onto a dvd?

thanks for all the future help, i really appreciate it!