I followed the topic about vspliting with a cutlist, (very closely) because I too along with bato, prefer the elemental streams over a VOB or .mpg. Would it be possible to include a behind the sceens de-mux task?

I find myself anytime I want to create a dvd commerical free having to go through that process, (de-muxing) to import into Spruce-UP as DVDLab still doesn't like the VOBs created by Tytool. The audio doen't play on a completed titleset. I know there is a infoedit proceedure to fix that but have have limited success with that. SpruceUp seems to be my only option if I want some control of my menus.

(Thanks for your hard work.... I can't thank you enough! I switched back to tytool for extraction as mfs-ftp transfers 0byte files from time to time and also requires another external step to split)