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Thread: Can FTP but cannot Telnet

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    Can FTP but cannot Telnet

    I just installed a turbonet card on my HDR312 where I had installed a ver 2.0 backup image. I then installed the drivers and setup a static ip address.

    I can now ping the unit and FTP to it without any problems but cannot telnet. I get "could not open connection to the host on port 23" error. I looked at the rc.sysinit file and I noticed that the following statements were already there:

    /bin/bash </dev/ttyS3 >& /dev/ttyS3 &
    (insmod -f /lib/modules/8390.o && insmod -f /lib/modules/tivone.o)
    source /etc/rc.d/
    /sbin/tnlited 23 /bin/bash -login &

    I am not sure if the turbonet drivers added these or if they were there from the backup. Anyway, any ideas what I should try next.


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    Is the port open? Is something listening on the port? Is tnlited running? Has iptables been used to set firewall rules? Use your problem solving skills. Finding out the reason why you can't telnet to a box is not a shot in the dark.

    man netstat
    man ps
    man iptables

    Hint: tnlited is kind of like running inetd with just the telnet service in inetd.conf. man inetd, man in.telnetd

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