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Thread: Drive swapping and compatibility...

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    35 Drive swapping and compatibility...

    This probably is nothing new, and I'm working on it still...

    I've been able to swap drives in my DVR, but the only ones I've tried so far are the exact identical drives, down to the last digit of the part #. And they're scarce to find on the web, eBay included...

    I tried one drive with a few digits different, and it discerned the difference in firmware/hardware. "DVR events in-accessable"

    The webgroup 'Dishrip' has published a list of compatible drives, but the list I'm sure is several years old. MY drive is not even on the list, so I'm wondering how THOSE drives might work on MY box

    This is a DishDVR, not a TiVO...

    Anybody with feedback here???

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    where to start...

    you don't give any harddrive model #s, not even the model # of your dvr...

    it's NOT a tivo (which is what this forum is for), has nothing to do with extraction, insertion, or streaming (which is what this sub-forum is for)

    tell me again, why did you even bother to post? here?

    I'm posting out of sheer bewilderment

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