1- Brand/make/model/year?
pioneer dv-250

2- Software to split/process TyStream?
tytool, tydemux

3- Software to create DVD fileset?
tytool/dvdauthor, dvdmf, dvdws, ifoedit

4- DVD success or failure?
success on all dtivo streams with all programs, except for early releases of tytool7 (since fixed)

5- Description of the DVD failure if there was one?
on early tytool7, menu would appear, but video would only play for a few seconds then freeze

6- Software to create SVCD fileset?

7- SVCD sucess or failure?
worked fine (but i've only made one)

8- Description of the SVCD failure if there was one?

9- Short comment on report.
this is a great, cheap player. very forgiving, plays mpeg audio natively (though i haven't tried 32khz from sa tivo) and can convert to pcm. all of my recordables have been - (-r, -rw) so i can't speak for the + formats.