This program will REFORMAT and unlock a drive locked with a utv using a normal pc.
THIS WILL COMPLETLY ERASE THE HARD DRIVE!!! It will not allow access to contents of the drive. This is only for re-using a utv locked drive without using your utv to unlock it. You have been warned.
To use this program
1: make a dos boot disk.
2: unzip and copy mhd3.exe to the boot disk.
3: power down computer and hook drive into primary or secondary ide channel. It can be master or slave, and can be after a already installed drive such as a master cdrom.
4: Boot with dos disk.
5: run mhd3
6: select desired drive. The installed drives are listed 1 to 4.
7: Program will show what it is doing and then display a '.' every 10 seconds until done.
8: do not power off while running or you will have to start all over again.
9: program will tell you when it is finished.
It normally takes 28 minutes to clear an original utv drive. All this program does is allow re-use of a utv locked drive. It has no other use. Enjoy!