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Thread: plse send help over this way!

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    plse send help over this way!

    OK, i just found out what i did wrong.
    I installed a 1 unit drive ( only 1 drive. )
    works fine now!
    but here's my problem..
    where do i get the fixsub file?
    and how to i install it onto my HD?
    Do i have to take the drive out of DTIVO, and install it onto the PC again, if so, where can i get the file and what are the commands for it to install itself onto the HD...
    thnx a mil in advance all!

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    The fixsub file is included with 2.5Xtreme so I assume it's also included in the 2.5.2Xtreme image as well. Connect to your DTivo via serial cable and type in the following from the bash prompt:

    touch /etc/SubTest

    Go to the phone setup menu and force a daily call with the phone line disconnected. It will probably fail but should still show up as being successful in the System Information screen.
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