I have a HDVR2 with Monte running 3.1xx and I have verified that monte is up and running. I have a bash prompt and have installed busybox and a few other things in the /var/hack/ directory.

I know that the system is sourcing my rc.sysinit.author file from the log /var/log/kernel and it has some output due to me not having the wireless USB setup correctly yet. However none of my ENV variables get set. After the system has booted I can manually source the rc.sysinit.author file and the ENV variables stick along with my aliases.

I cannot get the more command to work either, which is a HUGE headache to me. I pipe all my commands to more when using UNIX/LINUX so I can read at my own speed. I am still using hyperterminal and none of my escape characters seem to let me out of the more executable. I have seen this with a few additional commands, like ping, etc. My only course of action at this point is the power off/on reboot.

I am also in need of a text editor for the MIPS processor. I would like something like pico at the least.

I would settle for getting the telnet to run through the serial cable if that would help my problem. I just need a little direction on that one. That way I could end my telnet session and restart if needed.

Thanks in advance!