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Thread: more turbonet ? plus one restore ?

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    more turbonet ? plus one restore ?

    They just keep on coming. I am bound and determined to get the turbonet card working!

    I have two choices: restore old image or keep messing with the reinstall of the turbocard.

    So far I have not exhausted option #2. Anyone know how I can remove ALL the settings/drivers for the turbocard? What needs to be deleted? I tried removing the turbonet card and then reinserting, so far no luck.

    When I first got my 2 hard drive Tivo I did a backup. I cannot remember if the drives were detected as hdc/hdb or hdd/hdc. Does this make a difference when I do the restore? If it helps I know which drive is Master/Slave.


    P.S. Sorry if I ask so many questions (although I think I'm still ahead of Benny).

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    What kind of Tivo do you have?
    What have you done so far?

    Drive designations are dependent on how you have them set up on your IDE buses.

    hda = primary master
    hdb = primary slave
    hdc = secondary master
    hdd = secondary slave

    Make sure your jumpers are set according to their position on the IDE bus. MFS Tools will require the hdx designations when performing a backup/restore. The usual convention is as follows:

    hda = original Windows C drive (don't use a Windows 2000 or Windows NT drive with NTFS; always use a FAT32 or FAT16 formatted DOS drive)
    hdb = Tivo B drive
    hdc = Tivo A drive
    hdd = CD-ROM (set as 1st bootable device in BIOS)
    Please don't PM me or any other members looking for personal assistance. You'll do better by posting (after you've exhausted the search feature, of course) and taking advantage of the collective expertise of the membership instead of a single individual that may or may not be able to help you. Thank you and enjoy your stay at DDB!

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    Tivo PTV300 - 80 hours, 30GB + 45GB drives running 3.0

    Not realizing with 3.0 you don't need to install any drivers, I installed the files from tbin.tar.gz, joe.tar.gz, tftpd

    I made it to step 2.14 but the Tivo does not get an IP address. I then ran the nic_install program with the same results. I set a static IP address but get the same results.

    When I added the drives to my PC, I set the jumpers per the Hinsdale doc but I thought they came up with these settings.

    hda Win98
    hdc Tivo Drive A (Master)
    hdd Tivo Drive B (Slave)

    When I did the backup I modified the mfsbackup command to backup hdc + hdd to hda.


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