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Thread: Xtreme'ing w/o flashing prom?

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    Xtreme'ing w/o flashing prom?

    Ok, I have searched and searched and I cannot find out how to re-xtreme without it flashing the prom. My reasoning is, the last time I had to re-extreme it would always get to where it flashes the prom and then reboot and be stuck in that loop. My theory is that it is dropping voltage when it flashes the prom and I don't need to flash the prom as it has had 25xtreme on it for over a year and it was flashed long ago when it was first xtremed. So... back to my question, how do I put 25xtreme on it again without it flashing the prom? I know the command is something like 25xtreme -p or something like it... help me beat this reboot loop!
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    It shouldn't make any difference if you have to reflash the EEPROM. I've reloaded Xtreme numerous times on the same DTivo and never had it cause a reboot problem. Have you tried downloading a different image of 2.5Xtreme? The only way you're going to install 2.5Xtreme without flashing the EEPROM is if you restore an image of an Xtremed drive that has already gone past the flashing stage. The 2.5Xtreme image was captured just prior to where it flashes the EEPROM so it's going to do it whether you want to or not. I don't believe Surgeon ever included an option to install Xtreme without flashing the EEPROM.
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    to answer the specific question asked, you can't put 25xtreme onto a unit without it flashing the prom. however, if your prom is flashed, you can install a hacked image. so, you need to go and find an image and restore it. i dont think there are any images of 25xtreme after the install floating around, because that would just confuse people. however, i believe there are some 2.5.2 or 3.1 images that are here and there. look around, you might find what you need.

    as for re-xtreming units - I have installed xtreme on the same unit multiple times, never had any problems.
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