I'm brand new to this whole thing...

I have a new 120GB HD and a Zoom 4100 NIC.

GOAL: I want to remove current HD and replace w/ new HD and have it connected on my LAN.

I think that these are the steps that I have to take, but not sure how to accomplish each!!

1) Download 25Xtreme (for Sony T60) ISO image and burn to CD. Where do I get the original from surgeon for T60????

2) Write to HD and install HD back into TiVo
3) Boot Tivo
4) Remove HD again and connect to desktop
5) Install some package???? that includes drivers for the Zoom wireless card. What package and where do I get it? Kraven something ???

6) Re-install into Tivo and Power on.
7) Connect to LAN. How?? I have a WEP enabled access point and a router that runs DHCP. How can I configure the card/software on the box to use the correct key and use DHCP?

8) Finally, how do I control all of the settings like no encrypt...? Via browser??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!