okay i just have a coupla questions about phillips HRD212.. this is a standalone unit. i seen them for sale on ebay without hard drives and i would like to purchase one, but from what info ive collected so far i am thinkin twice about it. what ive come to believe is that you can load a 2.0.1 image and then do some trickery with fixsub i think to trick it into making a call or something. i also heard you have to have theese units hooked into a phone line to do the trick, (meaning you have to be a subcriber for at least a month). and even after all that you still cant pull guide data and can only do manual recordings. is all or only some of this true? i wish there was some sort of howto on the subject but i havent yet come across a howto pertaining to standalone units except the hindsdale howto which i dont think made it too clear. i am hoping that my understanding is incorrect and that there is a better way to do this. i also heard that u could use 25xtreme & 2.5.2 upgrade to get the job done but the posts weren't too convincing (THIS WOULD BE GREAT NEWS!) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since my mom is bugging for tivo and i am having a hard time even thinking of parting with either of my two (dsr6000 & gcxebot) 120g directivos..