Okay guys, here it is: fixup02c.

This is my script to fix the manual recording bug that seems to be present under 2.0. It is designed to set all variables in /Setup and /Setup/ServiceInfo to TiVo-happy values. It is based upon the SetStatusStringDB2 function in /tvlib/tcl/tv/TClient-lib.itcl under 1.3, and the 'nonagz' script developed elsewhere on this forum.

This is not designed to let you receive TiVo service without paying for it, though it should enable recording without requiring any calls to TiVo. Hopefully this will save TiVo money by not having unsubscribbed users tie up their modem resources. I really did not want to release this, but following another thread on this board somebody else would have posted something similar in the next week or so.

TiVo service is a lot more than just tapeless digital recording. On screen program guide, suggestions, and special features come together to create a truly unique television experience. Please support TiVo by purchasing service, if for no other reason than to receive software upgrades and support.

If you do not yet own a TiVo, and are thinking about purchasing one but have no intention of purchasing service, please also look at the ReplayTV unit. It is a lot simpler to get going, has no monthly fee, and is even easier to upgrade than TiVo. If you're a Linux junkie though, you'll love TiVo.

Having said all that, I now release what I feel to be the definitive ServiceState hack for 2.0. Do with it as you will, just leave my lame comment block in it. Please report your findings and success/failures with it here.

Thankyou. Now can we move on to something else?