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Thread: Major Problem Also For A Newbie

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    Major Problem Also For A Newbie

    Well I having some problems from after the storms. We had some storms a couple of nights ago and power went out. I unplugged my surgre protector that i had everthing plug into. After the power came back on, the following day. I plug the surge protector back in and second later i heard a pop and smell some electrical burn. I thought it was my old reciever, but it was the dtv tivo reciever. It will turn on. This is what happens. says on the tv that it is powering up, then it says searching for satellites, then says something like (just a few more seconds) i dont remember exactly what, but it seems to be trying to search for the satellites. However that is where it stays with that message , everytime i plug it in. I took the cover off the dtv tivo reciever and was looking to see if i could find out where it might of shorted out, but i could not determine anything. Well now for a question, I was wondering if anyone had some advice to find out what part i might need to replace, or what might be the problem, if anyones has had a simaler problem. I am a newbie with this stuff, I have only had the reciever for a couple of months got it from a friend. Help please if you can. Thanks in advance!!!!!

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    pull the cover off and take the 2 screws out that hold the harddrive rack in. Then unplug the fan and slide the rack out. Look behind the big silver tuner boards and there will be 2 small little black chips right behind the tuners with legs on 2 sides from eachither, not on all four sides. You gotta look carefully for damage, and then look between the tuners in that little crevice with a flashlight and possibly magnifiying glass. You are looking for black smut on the board or an obvious visual damage. Stick your nose in there and smell where the burn is coming from. UNPLUG your reciever for a while BEFORE you do any of this. Post back. LOOK over the whole board carefully and fully, not 2 second deal.

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