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Thread: Errors being posted in tverr log

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    Do I need to set something before running?

    Got a bit of a problem.....

    Do I ned to set some var to use this script?

    /var/hack# bash fix_expdate.tcl
    fix_expdate.tcl: global: command not found
    : command not found
    fix_expdate.tcl: global: command not found
    fix_expdate.tcl: ForeachMfsFile: command not found
    fix_expdate.tcl: RetryTransaction: command not found
    fix_expdate.tcl: line 20: syntax error: unexpected end of file

    I have the same problem of a Scheduled recording expires before starting. I can't undelete it with tivoweb plus but can browse to it in /mfs/Recording/Active.

    First I would like to know if ALL MFS_FTP copies I make will have this problem, how to fix (no luck on the script), can one undelete items that are in the active directory but the tivowebplus module doesn't see, and if MFS-FTP has been fixed

    Thanks for the help, really want to finish off this tivo and clone it to the others in house (DTivo, 4.01b, running TWP 1.1 pre 2).

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    assuming it is in /var/hack


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