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Thread: Display Kernel version?

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    Display Kernel version?

    Is it possible to see what version of the Kernel TiVo is using?

    I've been working at getting the bash prompt to work for quite a while and so far I've had no luck. I *seem* to have everything correct so now I'm wondering if the kernel on my TiVo drive is the U5 kernel.

    I have my back-up drive on a shelf so I'm hacking the driving that is currently in the TiVo. I don't have an extra IDE drive (mine is SCSI and WinXP) so I burnt the U5 kernel on to a CD and then copied it from there... I'm just wanting to make sure the one now loaded on TiVo drive is correct.

    After I did the Kernel copy is said something along the lines of "4+0 Records In 4+0 Records out" so I'm assuming it copied.

    Any thoughts?

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    I'll preface this by saying I've done no hacking on the S2.

    On my S1, if I grep the /var/log/messages file, I can find:

    Stats: Linux version 2.1.24-TiVo-2.5 (build@buildmaster

    Mount your drive in your PC, and mount the drive. then

    grep "inux version" /mnt/YOURDRIVE/var/log/messages

    see what it returns.

    Hope this helps a little,
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    Sorry my bad, I need to learn to read

    In the Tivo you can use.
    At the bash prompt type (uname -a)

    Tux Man
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