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Thread: Can it be done using HMO

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    35 Can it be done using HMO

    I have a friend that has the same setup as me, a S2 version 4 with HMO. We both have cable modems and I am wondering if I can setup a VPN to share shows? Do both systems have to be on the same account? Is it even possible?

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    I remember reading that you can share with a machine on the same IP subnet. If you can work that out, odds are pretty good that it will work.

    I have read nothing about accounts limits.

    By all means - give it a shot and let us know how you made out!
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    This is definitly doable from a networking standpoint, since each end of the VPN circuit must have its own ip and subnet, by expanding the default subnet on each of the TiVo's to say with ip's in the 192.168.0.X then having each end of the VPN circuit at 192.168.1.X they are visable to each other (with some clever routing on the VPN/gateway boxes.......)
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    Tivo might cancel the HMO service if it sees two boxes on the same account making the daily call from geographically distinct locations, so it would be wise to also route the daily call over this VPN.

    I have read nothing about account limits either but I would be surprised if their MPAA bosses allowed them to deploy a system that did not enforce them. Jack Valenti prefers that all "sharing" solutions are crippled to the brink of unusability.

    Extraction is probably the easiest solution to the problem.

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