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Thread: Hdvr2 Ty Tool Error

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    35 Hdvr2 Ty Tool HELP!

    k i have the bash and the ethernet working so i transfer the 3 tytool files into the /var/hack/tserver folder and i chmod them along with editing the hackinit to include the descramble. after rebooting i typed in ./tserver and it showed this

    bash-2.02# ./tserver
    Assuming MFS_DEVICE=/dev/hda10
    Waiting for an incomming connection!

    After i load the TyTool on the pc, it shows this in the bash.

    SERVER: We got a message! buf = 'SHOWING'
    Tmk Assertion Failure:
    FsStartFunction, line 141 ()
    Tmk Fatal Error: Thread tivosh <197> died due to signal -2
    ccfde8 cd031c bd3c50 bc7bf8 bbf014 c1fa98 bf6d78 c41a00 c4522c bbd270 400778 d7

    My tivo auto reboots after this ... any suggestions or reason as to why this occurs? appreciate it if you know how i can fix this or suggestions. thx in advance.
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