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Thread: ok, stupid question coming up....

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    ok, stupid question coming up....

    Let me tell you a story and you can all comment on it...

    I want to build a Digital PVR (Personal Video Recorder), at first i thought i could get a capture card and build a computer just for that...but failure to find the right capture card producing exellent video quality made me search for alternate solutions....And this is how I got here.

    I've never really paid attention to Tivo or what it can do. I don't really care for the TV Guide service of the Tivo. All i want it to do is be able to record Digital Videos from by DSS systems or any other component i have attached to my system (Xbox, VCR, DSS, etc) and to be able to easily do 2 things with them.

    1. Be able to Transfer the videos to computer for Backup on CD's or DVD's

    2. Replay them on TV using either the Tivo, computer, or Xbox (if the Tivo video format is compatible, or if it can be converted to a Computer compatible video format)

    Can the Tivo do what I want and where do I start?

    Also, which Tivo models do you suggest if it can satisfy my needs

    I also welcome any kind of suggestion or comments to my stupid question!


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    You would need a stand alone tivo to do anything other than Satellite streams. Dtivos only do satellite. You can pull video in tystreams, cant tell you if xbox can play them back, if its networked its a linux box too so may be possible, not sure on that. The xtreme stuff on here is only for dtivos, in the SA tivo section youll find more info on what you need and in the extraction section youll find all the tystudio stuff and the other methods of pulling vid. You can still use the SA tivo as aDVR without paying the service fee, yo just wont get guide info without paying, you said you dont need so no problems there, just buy one and start playing with it.......

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