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Thread: remapping channles without tivoweb

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    Question remapping channles without tivoweb

    I have a SA phillips 312 30 gig unit that has been upgraded to two 120 gig hard drives and a tivonet card. I have added the tivo-bin files along with TYstudio's tyserver and tyindex. the problem that I have is that abot three channles are not where the guide places them. I would like to be able to remap them but the only remap I can find is an addin to tivo web. I do not wnat to add tivo web ( I can not find any good reason to add it other than remapping channels) I think adding tivo web would slow the system down. I have noticed that the menus are slower now than before the upgrades. Does anone know about a remapping tool (software) that does not require tivo web????

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    Just take the ChannelMap module and turn it into simple scripts. Its trivial.

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