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Thread: 802.11g AirNet??

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    802.11g AirNet??

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use an 802.11g wireless adapter on a DirecTivo??

    I would assume it is possible utilising the AirNet module as long as someone could compile a driver for the Tivo?? But, has anyone out there actually done that?

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    Yes but you would have to know the chipset of the card you want to use. Also the maker of that chip would have to supply a driver to compile (read not all wireless makers do). Your best bet would be to get a card that does have a linux driver.

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    You could plug an 802.11g bridge into the TurboNet

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    Originally posted by osetivo
    You could plug an 802.11g bridge into the TurboNet
    Ah, but could you go the other way? I'm using a 802.11b airnet, and didn't realize how slow it would be - or didn't realize how big everyfile you'd want to pull off a Tivo would be

    So now that I've got the Airnet adapter + wifi card, could I use a wired ethernet adapter- more specifically has anyone written drivers for a particular wired pcmcia adapter for the tivo?
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    Just get the TurboNet adapter and something like the Linksys WET54G. It's unlikely that someone will write a new driver for the airnet card to support a 10/100 card. That's not an easy task and not worth the time since we have TurboNet already available.

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